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Peace of mind with Automation until Final Interview!

Gamez2Hire enables you to ease the laborious manual evaluation process of HR by automating the screening process with multiple evaluations with your choice of assessment content & criteria and audio-visual capabilities without compromising the security. Involve your HR only when you are sure about the skillset of the candidate.

Secure the Assessments

Traditionally, online assessment tools are vulnerable to some of the threats and gaps like establishing the identity, eliminating impersonation, ghostwriters, copying questions, handling online referencing and copying, authorizing the device, and conducting at the specified period of time. Gamez2Hire fills and handles all the vulnerabilities mentioned with configurable security features like Random Questions, In-Session Image Capturing, Web Proctoring (Does not allow the user to do anything except answering the assessment), Right-Click Disabling, IP, and Time restrictions.

Conduct Audio-Visual Assessments with Ease

Conducting Assessments using Audio-Visual recording needs a lot of effort and coordination. But any more with Gamez2Hire! Applicant can go through AV-based evaluation on Computer/Phone and the evaluator can rate based on the video captured.

Create your own Assessments

The Question bank and Assessment creation are powered by a proven SurveyGamez engine. Offers a rich variety of question types, with options to customize fonts, colors, upload the right images, videos, audio overlays, etc. It is powerful enough to create questions using gamified interactions, workflows, rules, scoring patterns, etc. Please visit SurveyGamez for detailed feature set.

Keep all stakeholders informed

The Applicant, College, Staffing agency, HR team, Evaluators - everybody is a stakeholder. Keeps them informed with notifications and alerts when they need to act.

Dashboards for various roles

Everybody wants up-to-date information, presented in a simple yet intuitive manner to focus on the right set of data. We have dashboards for every role - with relevant information shared.


How is Gamez2Hire different?

Most of the recruitment automation solutions focus on the recruitment process alone and don't address assessments well. It should be the other way round. Gamez2Hire provides the right toolset to solve the laborious manual process of shortlisting candidates.

What are the license terms?

Gamez2Hire license is based on pay-per-use and based on the number of candidates who appeared for the assessments.

Hire Perfect!

What if hiring were as simple as getting a cup of coffee?